Can you ever get enough of Chicago’s Own Bill Murray???

Hey, It’s Mackay and it all started in 1976 when Bill Murray walked onto the set of Saturday Night Live.  I was hooked…loved him!  Lounge singer, New dude, Todd…etc.

He’s gone from campy camp movies, to serious acting chops!  He is amazing and fun and a good golfer which is a hard row to hoe!

He has also taped a show during 3 mos. of the last baseball preseason and has a show 10 episodes coming to Facebook’s video channel. (first time I’m hearing of FB’s channel).  He did this with his brother, Brian Doyle Murray who is also a superstar character actor and a damn good one at that!

I wish he would do a show about golf and travel with some of the superstars and tape more of the pro-am behind the scene stuff.

How about your favorite Bill Murray character?



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