Can You Beat My Bracket? Prove it!

It’s almost time! Did you sign up for Mexico Madness Presented by Draft Picks yet!?

We all know gambling is illegal, and you’d never do that. So you should sign up today because it’s free (no gambling), but you can still win an all-inclusive trip for two to the Grand Bahia Principe Cobe in Riviera Maya thanks to Apple Vacations!

It’s not a “somebody MAY win” situation. It’s a someone WILL win situation! Might as well be you!

I’ll tell you what: if you sign up for Mexico Madness (just click the link to register and pick), and comment on this post, I’ll throw you a River t-shirt or cup if your bracket is better than mine…but you have to comment below before the first games start! Brownie points for creative smack talk!

I even showed you my bracket! Click here for a full-size version.




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