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The Emotion of Music.

Mar 07, 2014 -- 1:31pm

Music has been a big part of my life for as long as I can remember. Even as a kid I loved listening to stuff my folks listened to Sinatra, Tony Bennett, Dino. I loved Streisandʼs voice from any early age, Peggy Lee and many more and then of course along came Rock n Roll; Elvis, Buddy Holly and those lads from Liverpool and thatʼs when it really all changed, of course for the better! I still get emotional when hearing or talking about certain songs or situations or artists because this music we play is so engrained and woven into the fabric of my life. The meanings are strong and multiple and very real to this day and they are reminders of good times and bad, old friends and foes, loves won and lost, magic and mystery. So many thoughts, so many feelings! Thatʼs why I thought this study was so telling for a sad few. 

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Super Bowl You Wanna Bet?

Jan 29, 2014 -- 11:10am

Super Sunday is upon us and our national winter holiday is set. The food and drink have been chosen. The viewing sites have been selected, the participants have been invited. So are ya ready and do ya wanna bet? There are sooo many wacky ways and things you can wager on that go far beyond the outcome of the game. Itʼs pretty funny! Take a look and pick your poison. Gambling problem call 1-800-GAMBLER.

Here We Go

Jan 21, 2014 -- 12:48pm

As we move toward the 50th anniversary of “The Night That Changed America”. Iʼve been doing a little remembering and reflecting on The Beatles, seeing them for the first time, their overwhelming affect on all our lives going forward and just music in general. Music itself is a reflective animal whether it speaks of a person or a place, maybe a time or an event, an emotion or a trauma or just a simple roller skate key. Music is telling a story and its reflections roll over you and through your ears and into your brain and the real beauty of it is everyone has different reactions and interpretations and memories that are evoked when hearing a melody or a lyric or just a note. The Beatles struck such a huge chord in so many of our hearts and minds and lives that thereʼs no telling how different weʼd all be without ever having heard them (but who wants to go there anyway) weʼre not George Bailly even if this is “Your Wonderful Life”. Paul & Ringo will be appearing together, on the Grammys, Sunday Night Jan. 26th on CBS and I for one will be looking forward to watching. Iʼm not a big Grammyʼs Groupie. I was a voting member of NARAS for a few years and I tune in and out as most Grammy evenings go, but this along with the both of them rumored to be making another appearance on Letterman Friday Feb. 7th (2 days before the anniversary) and letʼs not forget The Late Show IS taped at the Ed Sullivan Theater. If youʼre old enough to have seen the Beatles that night 50 years ago Iʼm sure you can still recall some of your feelings and memories if not thereʼs always YouTube. You just wonʼt be able to travel back in time to know what life was like back then. No internet, no cell phones, no PCʼs, no viable FM radio, no....well you get the idea. We barely got the covered wagons emptied. The Ed Sullivan Show was the biggest stage in entertainment and right there on television in your own home. Just ask Elvis! And Sullivan Had The Beatles, so yeah Iʼll be watching The Grammys and Letterman and anybody else whoʼs gonna remember that night......Yeah Baby.....Here We Go.....

Would It Kill You to Laugh More?

Jan 08, 2014 -- 3:21pm

Well here we are barely into the New Year, and how are those New Years Resolutions coming? I stopped making them more than a few years ago, because by this time in January mine had all been crushed anyway.  Iʼm more of a New Years Revolution kinda guy, or maybe New Years Restitution, as long as itʼs coming my way.  I have always had one philosophy that I think holds me in good stead, and that is that Laughter Is The Breath Of Life.  It just changes everything at a moment's notice, and most times for the better. So hereʼs a take I found on that very idea. Give it a spin, who knows you might like it, or at least resolve to laugh a little more.

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