Over/Under on Payphone Profits Set at $1M. What Do You Think?


Nick here, and what if I told you the over/under on profits from payphones just two years ago was $1 Million, what would you think…higher or lower?

Well, according to the FCC, payphone revenues just two years ago were an ASTONISHING $286M!!!!!!

Obviously, they continue to trend downward, but who would have thunk it!

The last time I used a payphone would have been in high school in 2002, calling my parents collect to tell them to come pick me up from basketball practice. Of course, when I was prompted to say my name, I’d pull the ever-popular quick read…”HeyMomThisIsNickWe’ReDone!” before the beep, thus allowing my mom to not accept the call and avoid the charges. #Smart

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