What did Santa tell the 6-year-old that wanted a Cheetah for Christmas???

Hey, It’s Mackay and we all had our dreams of The Claus bringing us that over-the-top present, that we kind of knew we weren’t going to get…but what the hey?  You have to ask.

I think I wanted a Honda 50 when I was 9 or 10 because my friends had one.  My parents knew I spent so much time with my buddies that they said, the one they had was good enough.

This Woman’s six-year-old daughter asked Santa to bring her a Cheetah!  Santa told her that he couldn’t because it would eat all of her new toys.  (Good one, Santa).

Another woman’s daughter asked for a bag of pickles one year and a box of rocks the next year.

My 14-year-old wanted a antique-ish manual typewriter this year.  After a month of looking at them at antique stores, he looked at me and said he no longer wanted a typewriter.  I never asked why he wanted one in the first and place and didn’t follow up with why he didn’t either.  Of course, writing this, I’m now wondering, Why?

Share your children’s unique gift requests from Kris Kringle?


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