Should We Go With a Toilet Sink?!

So the wife and I are thinking about ways to save some space in a small bathroom on the main floor of our house. I think the toilet sink is a great idea!

Basically, it’s a sink that sits on top of the cistern of your toilet. The water feeds from the fresh water intake of your toilet, so the faucet runs whenever you flush the toilet and then drains into the tank and eventually used to flush the toilet.

It’s pretty ingenious. The water used to flush the toilet is exactly the same that is running from your tap, so the water is fresh and clean. It is a clear space saver and conserves water! What’s not to like?!

The boys from This Old House doe a nice job of explaining why you shouldn’t be grossed out!

Now, I’m no plumber, so there may be some issues I’m not aware of, but this looks awesome on the surface.

You can get them as low as $99 on Amazon.

You in or out on the toilet sink?


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