What I Learned From My First Family Trip as a Dad

It was fun, but I’m glad to be back!

My wife and I took our two kids (Max-2 years and Macy-3 months) to our first trip as a family of four to Timber Ridge in Lake Geneva the past few days. It’s a place designed with kids in mind including a large kid-friendly indoor waterpark as the main attraction.

It was an overall positive experience! The two year old had a great time and the three month old was her usual, well-behaved self! Here’s what I learned over the past three days:

  • No reading in the car for the kids (at least for my kid, anyway).
  • The ride home is a lot more stressful than the ride there, but the Brat Stop makes it all worth it.
  • Naps are the most important time of the day.
  • Nap time also means daddy’s time to go to the local brewery!
  • If your destination has a mascot, use him to your tactical advantage.
  • Never go into the gift shop. (No photo available as I was herding the cattle)
  • Toddlers can’t mini-golf yet.
  • If you need to stop on a road trip for any extended period of time and need to distract a toddler, look for a Bass Pro Shop.
  • I really really really love my own bed!!!!!!


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