Who’s On First?

Baseball like most things in life is a what have ya done for me lately! Or even more so what can you do for me now going forward. Jake Arrieta gave the Cubs one of the most amazing and historic seasons in baseball history in 2015. His accomplishments were over the top and although after winning it in 2015 he didn’t win the Cy Young award again in 2016 he was still a mainstay in that Cub rotation that took them to and won the World Series. Injuries and maybe age started to catch up with him last year, so as a free agent he is still unsigned by the Cubs or any team as Spring training starts today. The Cubs have gone in a different direction signing free agent Yu Darvish for $126 million over 6 years. All we can do is wait, see and hope, but ya gotta give Jake a best wishes send off!



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