This week has been one for the books! It started out with two tornadoes, then came the sun and 60 degree temps. Friday looks to be a mess with snowy, wintry conditions! Something for everybody!

To help explain it all, I reached out to Bill Snyder, a weather producer for WGN-TV.

If are a weather nerd like me, you’ll be be thoroughly entertained!


The tornadoes earlier this week were the result of wind shear — wind at different altitudes blowing in different directions. Its less like the supercell tornadoes we see during the summer which have much more complex origins, and more just strong-wind induced, like water going down a drain, or spinning water in a pop bottle.

The midweek warm weather is pretty consistent with the overall pattern this winter, which has a lot to do with the jet stream bringing warm Pacific air instead of dropping down cold Canadian air.

The snowstorm we have on the horizon? Well, it’s still that time of year!

Thanks to Bill for his time! You can check out his behind-the-scenes work on WGN-TV everyday!