10 Years @ The River!!

So yesterday, September 12th, was my 10th anniversary here at The River. Now I have to say first off I have never worked anywhere nearly that long and I’m pretty proud of this accomplishment! It does blow my mind a little too! My longest continuous employment before this was about 6.25 years at WCKG. Radio is a business that does have substantial turnover, however in my years in Chicago I have been turned over a hell of a lot. See list below! Some by my own hand (or mouth) some by the means of others. I also have to say that I feel blessed still being employed at all after the pandemic outed so many of my on air comrades for budgetary, COVID related reasons. 10 years working for the same employer (we have had 3 different owners in that time: Next Media, Digity and now Alpha Media) is not so unusual in business, but in radio it is. I still love what I do, am having lots o fun, but I’m asked on regular basis (not by management thank you) “Hey when do you think you’re gonna retire”? No plans on my part. I just don’t know what I’d do all day and would probably start drinking way too early !! So you may just have to put up with me for a bit longer, but hey thanks for listening!!

List of stations I was fired from here in Chicago and what year:

WGLD: 1972, WDAI: 1975, WXRT:1976, WKQX: 1979, The Loop: 1981, The Loop again: 1987 (I actually quit before they could fire me), WCKG: 1993: WLS: 1997, WXCD: 2001, WRXQ: 2003, 9FM: 2005.