The Five Summer Essentials That We’re Always Forgetting at Home

I always forget my Sunglasses but I’m not seeing it on the list, so I must be the only one.  Let’s check out the survey, shall we?

It seems like wrangling stuff for summer activities is even harder than grabbing everything needed before you leave for work and school.

A new survey asked people what summer essentials are most often left at home, and the most common responses were:  Cellphones . . . water bottles and drinks . . . personal products like deodorant, body lotion, and makeup . . . and sunscreen.

Of those, only 20% would NOT go back for their phone . . . 30% would continue on without deodorant, lotion, or makeup . . . and 26% would risk a sunburn by not turning around to get their sunscreen.

It might depend where you’re going.  You can’t just pick up a replacement phone . . . it’s just whether you REALLY need it.  If you’re headed to a pool or a beach, you might be able to buy what you forgot nearby.  But if you’re going camping or headed out on a lake, you might have to DO WITHOUT.

(Which is why it’s good that SWIMSUITS did not make the list.  When you forget sunscreen, YOU suffer.  But when you forget your swimsuit . . . and decide to go without . . . we ALL suffer.)