An Afternoon With Rock Radio Royalty

(Photo from left: Wendy Snyder, John Landecker, Tommy Edwards, Dyana Williams, Bob Stroud)

Hi it’s Leslie in for Mitch one more day. Yesterday, I spent the afternoon with rock radio royalty.

Rock Radio Revisited was an event held at the recently remodeled Des Plaines theater, and it was such a fun event. Wendy Snyder hosted a conversation with John Records truly is his middle name Landecker, Little Tommy Edwards, Bob Stroud, and Dyana Williams, the first African-American woman hired to be on rock radio. (In Washington D.C.) We got to hear clips from all of their radio careers, including moments from Boogie Check and Animal Stories.

We heard ‘behind the mic’ stories from all of them, including one or two from Wendy, who has also had a long career in local radio. There were video clips from Connie Szerszen, Kris Eric Stevens and more.

All are people who I admire and except for Dyana, have listened to for years and years. The gathering after the event was almost as much fun. I got to say hi to John Landecker and Tommy Edwards, and I met John Gehron, who programmed WLS for many, many years. I also saw a long time engineer Ed Glab, who I worked with during my own stint at WLS.

It was a really fun afternoon, and the proceeds will benefit the Museum of Broadcast Communications. If they ever hold another event like this one, don’t miss it!

Check my personal page for more pictures from the event