Knock-Off Costumes…Love how they get by the Copyright Infringement Laws

When you can’t afford the real deal or the Halloween store has knock-off versions of popular costumes for Halloween…What is one to do?  Buy it.

If you’ve been shopping for BUDGET Halloween costumes for your kids . . . or, be honest, YOURSELF . . . you’ve seen how off-brand Halloween costumes dance around trademarks to sell knock-offs.

There are “Stranger Things” costumes under the name “Unusual Events” . . . and “Game of Thrones” costumes under the name “Kingdom of Battles”.  And here are some of the other amusing costumes people have seen:

1.  A Michael Jackson mask called “Plastic Man,” referencing plastic surgery.  Even better, there’s a “not for children” warning on the label.

2.  A “Missing Boy” costume that looks a LOT like “Where’s Waldo”.

3.  An “Evil Midweek Cutie” costume that’s clearly Wednesday from “The Addams Family”.

4.  “A-Lad-In a Costume” outfit, that’s obviously “Aladdin”.

5.  A very questionable “Trans Boy” costume, which is SUPPOSED to be an innocent play on “Transformers” . . . I think.  (You’d be better off with the Spider-Man-inspired “Web Slinger Boy”.)

6.  A “Boy of the Rings” costume, which looks very Hobbit-y.

7.  A “Governor of Tasteville” costume, which will have you all set up to host a variety of Food Network shows.

8.  A “Dark Angle” costume that spells ANGEL as ANGLE.

9.  A “White Clam” costume where adults can dress as a can of White Claw.

10.  And a “Little Factory Worker” costume, which is obviously an “Oompa Loompa” from “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”.