Last month I was able to travel down south to the Great Smoky Mountains.  I already miss my vacation.  Last week I felt like I was on vacation again…in Geneva.  My friend Michelle had a great idea to bring some of our Assisted Living Residents to Graham’s Fine Chocolates and Ice Cream Shop in Geneva.  The Geneva location has the feel of a resort town.  I felt like I was in Traverse City or Door County for a minute!  They have giant window openings so you can sit on the front porch and watch the chocolate treats being created.  It’s breath taking and mouth watering.  We all felt like kids again – even the 95 year-olds.  We were able to meet the owner, Bob.  He came out in a white lab coat and looked like a Doctor of Chocolate.  The residents were so excited to learn about their favorite treats.  Bob was able to give them an entire background of Chicago Chocolate.  From his experience with Fannie May to his fascination with the Candy Capital of the World, Bob created Grahams from scratch just like their chocolates.  We got a full education on the entire history of how Grahams came to be.  The residents laughed as they recalled the “I Love Lucy” episode and how Bob said Graham’s has one of those machines too.  I thought it was interesting that there is a machine called an “enrober” and it coats things in chocolate.  How can I get one of those?   At the end we sampled some Chocolate Covered Potato Chips and Dark Chocolate Truffles.  We brought some goodies home to the rest of the residents and for less than $50 we had the best chocolate taste test ever!