2022’s  New Illness Is . . . “Flurona”..or is it?

We’re less than 100 hours into 2022, and we already have an exciting new illness to freak out about.  It’s called “Flurona,” and it’s a combination of COVID-19 and influenza.

(Apparently that nickname sounded cooler than “Fluvid” or “Covidenza.”)

The world’s first case of Flurona was confirmed last week in Israel.  A young pregnant woman simultaneously contracted both Covid and the flu.  For what it’s worth, she wasn’t vaccinated for either.

Luckily, she had mild cases of both, and she’s expected to make a full recovery.  She also gave birth while sick . . . and it sounds like the baby is okay.

There have been other reports of people with dual infections, but this is the first to be verified with the World Health Organization.

To be clear:  “Flurona” is not a new disease . . . the flu and Covid are separate viruses that both attack the upper respiratory tract.  But it can be dangerous if you get both and you’re not fortunate enough to have mild symptoms.

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