3/14 = Pi Day.

So today is 3/14. That can mean only one thing! It’s Pi Day. The first three digits of the mathematical constant pi are 3.14, a fact that inevitably had to lead to March 14 (3/14)
becoming known as Pi Day. And since pi is most famously the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter and since pies are round, well, the most
American of pastries was fated to become associated with pi. And we’re better for it, because eating pie is the best way to celebrate. Fortunately, you don’t have to know much about math to indulge with specials on sweet and savory pies, which
several Chicago and suburban bakeries and restaurants are offering Thursday. Here’s a guide to where to take advantage of the nerdy celebration, for slices to whole pies to hand pies, and yes, pizza pie — most offered at just $3.14.

Cheddar’s Scratch Kitchen. Order a chicken pot pie at the restaurant or to go and you’ll get a free pie to bake yourself along with instructions. 105 Remington Blvd.,
Bolingbrook, 630-378-5555, cheddars.com

Jet’s Pizza. All Chicagoland locations will offer medium, one-topping, hand-tossed round pizzas for $3.14 with the purchase of a large pizza at the regular menu price. The deal is valid for pickup and delivery using the coupon code 314. Multiple locations, Jets Pizza.com. Locations in Darien, Wheaton, 2 in Naperville, Schaumburg,
Arlington Hts. and Tinley Park

There are many other participating foodies, but most are in the city. Here’s the link to Samantha Nelson’s article for a full list: Click here.



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