Welcome to Day 11 of the 30 Day Music Challenge.  Fortunately we can put the tissues away as we are no longer listening to songs that make us sad.  Tonight we are looking at songs that have staying power.  Songs you have been listening to for maybe decades.   Tonight’s question is … A song that you never get tired of hearing.

So we all get sick of hearing certain songs.  In the nineties I worked for a radio station that truly over played Pearl Jam and I really couldn’t stand listening to Pearl Jam for many years. (Fortunately now, enough time has passed and I have totally gone back to being a fan of the band.)  There are songs that get over played for a short period of time, you start by maybe loving the song, then you get sick of it and then after a while you think it’s okay.  So we are not talking about these type of songs today.  We are talking about the opposite.  A song that whenever it comes on the radio you don’t change the channel.  A song that you listen to until the end every time.  A song that always makes it’s way onto your playlists.

For me it had to be this one.   I mean that intro… come on … it’s amazing.  It takes me back to dancing in clubs in the eighties, such a haunting melody.  The lyrics too … they are so full of angst and the fact that I was a teenager when it came out  made this song even more part of the soundtrack of my life.   It’s a long song and I never change the channel.  I listen to every last note, every time.

So … 30 Day Music Challenge- Day 11 … A song that you never get tired of hearing.  I give you … The Smiths – How Soon is Now?


Okay … your turn… head over to Facebook and let me know what is the song that has lasting power in your life.  A song that your never get tired of hearing?