So we have almost reached the half way point of the 30 Day Music challenge.

Last night was an easy one and there were some great answers.  Tonight we have to dig a little deeper and go back (WAY BACK) to our preteen days.  Really the days before your musical taste developed.   Those days when you discovered  there was more music out there than the songs from Sesame Street or The Banana Splits (although Banana Splits had some pretty good tunes lets be honest!)   So I can remember when I first started buying records  – there were some Abba albums in my collection, some ELO and some Donna Summer.   However I can remember going back further to when I was about 6 or 7 and hearing the below song.   A friend of mine’s parents had the record and we played it over and over.  The crazy thing is I can totally remember her name … Beverly Scrace … she was my best friend for at least 5 minutes.  Beverly and I  even came up with a dance routine and performed it at a school talent show using this song.  I don’t know why we were drawn to this song.  It could be that it had the word Willy in it which is totally scandalous to a 7 year old child (if you don’t know why … google definition of “willy” in England. ) I do love this band and I have always been a fan of the Glam Rock era .

So without further ado… For Day 12 of the 30 Day Music Challenge … A song from your preteen years… I give you The Sweet – Little Willy.


Okay … hop over to Facebook and reach back into the far corners of your childhood memories and tell me a song from your preteen years.