So here we are with our last 30 Day Music Challenge this week.  We are on Day 14 and the question is …..A song you would love played at your wedding.  Now I was married in 1996 so my days of planning what song I would have at my wedding are way behind me.  So I think I am going to tweak this question a little bit and make it … A song you would love played at your wedding OR a song you had played at your wedding.

So I was married in the Chicago Cultural Center on August 3rd, 1996.   (see below)


We had a lovely day and had some fab music in our wedding ceremony.  We had a string quartet who at one point played John Lennon’s Woman and then when we walked up the aisle played the theme from Love Boat (we wanted to lighten the mood at that point)   So I guess if you are talking about songs played during my wedding ceremony it would have to be one of those.  But if you are talking about the song played at my wedding that was my husband and I’s actual song … then I have to go with the below one.  (Don’t laugh … you had to know that I had Duran Duran at my wedding!)   This is actually a Lou Reed cover that the band put out in the nineties – truly a great track … have a listen.

So Day 14 of the 30 Day Music Challenge – I give you – Duran Duran Perfect Day.

So answer which ever question is applicable to you … a song you would like at your wedding or a song you had at your wedding … or what the heck … you can even go with a song you WISH you had at your wedding …