Day 16 of the 30 Day Music Challenge  is a hard one for me because it is a genre of music that I really don’t know an awful lot about.   Today the challenge wants to know what is your favorite classical song?  Umm  … okay even if I hear a classical song I like … I rarely know who it’s by and certainly not what the song is called (I assume the title has some numbers in it.)   I do love big band music and for obvious reasons like the below song but I don’t think John Philip Sousa is really considered classical … great song all the same.

So I remembered we did have some classical music at my wedding.  (We also had the Love Boat theme tune and John Lennon’s Woman)  So I went back to find out which song I chose for that occasion.  I have no idea why I chose it … it probably was just a song I heard and went … yeah that one will do.

So here we go … Day 16 of the 30 day Music challenge … a favorite classical song … I give you Part 1 of Vivaldi’s Four Season’s … seems appropriate as I would do anything for Spring to arrive right now.


Okay classical music buffs … educate me … turn me on to some of your favs over on Facebook.