I don’t know if  I’m ready for tonight’s 30 Day Music Challenge Question to be honest.   It’s pretty deep and I think is a bit much for a Monday night.  (Particularly as I had a rather boozy brunch yesterday and feeling a little delicate today!)   So Day 19’s question is  … A song that makes you think about life?  Woah … not sure I want to think about life today … I really just want to think about what I’m going to have for dinner and about the season finale of True Detectives which I have taped and plan on watching later.    But as we are on Day 19 … thinking about life it is.

So initially I though about some songs that got me through some hard times in my twenties.  Tori Amos/Winter or The Fray’s /How to Save a Life (but then I thought I would save my daddy issues for another day – LOL)  So I just went with a song I love, that I find emotional but I think speaks about humanity and our need to take care of each other.  After our broadcast on Friday for #AuroraStrong I found myself reflecting on our instinct to take care of each other even when the problems are ones we can’t fix, we have a need to do something to help, even if it’s just standing by someone and letting them know your are there.

So on Day 19 of the 30 Day Music Challenge ,  I went with Coldplay’s/Fix You.   A song that makes you think about life… well, sadly, our lives in recent weeks.


So again … I know this is a bit deep for a Monday but swing over to Facebook and let me know what songs make you think about life?  (The good times and the bad. )