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30 Day Music Challenge – Day 20

So the 30 Day Music Challenge is not letting us off  the hook with Day 20 … They are still making us dig deep … two days in a row which seems a bit much really.   Maybe not quite as deep as yesterday’s songs about life but still pretty deep stuff.   Day 20’s Music challenge questions is … A song that has meaning to you.   I guess that is pretty broad and you could go in many different directions.  It could be songs about falling in love, songs about your children or songs that just make you happy.   I decided to focus on my least favorite decade … and the songs that helped me get through it.

So my twenties were rough.  Essentially my dear, sweet mama passed away when I was 20 and then my Dad remarried two years later to a woman who felt he should have a fresh start and leave everything to do with his life with my mama behind (which also included me for a while.)  I don’t have any brothers and sisters and if it hadn’t been for my Aunties and my cousins I am not sure I would have made it to my thirties.  But I did.  I drank a lot and moved a lot and changed jobs a lot but by the end of the decade I had met and married my husband and was expecting my first child.  But it certainly was a journey and there were moments when music just really got me through it.  There were plenty of great dance songs that helped me dance away the heartache (as Roxy Music would say) but there was one album in particular that just brought me joy and peace during this difficult time.  It was Simply Red’s album Stars.   I played it over and over again.   I really should just choose the whole album as something that has meaning but as I am suppose to just choose a song, I will go with this one…

So Day 20 of the 30 Day Music Challenge … A Song that has meaning to you … I give you … Simply Red’s / Something Got Me Started.

Mick Hucknall of Simply Red is still my favorite ginger (Sorry Ed Sheeran)  Now hop over to Facebook and tell me a song that has meaning to you …

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