Thank goodness all the deep questions are over for the week and we can go back to having some fluffy fun with our 30 Day Music Challenge.   This one is an easy one  and we will have that old problem of coming up with too many songs and having to pick just one.   So on Day 21 our music challenge question is …. A favorite song with a person’s name in the title.

So just the other day I was playing Steve Winwood’s Valerie and I was thinking about how many songs were about girls called Valerie and yet I haven’t met a Valerie… I know they are out there but it’s not the most common of names and yet it comes up in songs quite a lot … I think it just flows lyrically because of all the syllables in the name.   The same could be said for the name Samantha really … and there have been a few songs with my name in it.  As a child I loved the song Goodbye Sam, Hello Samantha by British artist Cliff Richard but truth be told it is a bit of a dorky song.  Elton John has a song called Lady Samantha but I think she is a ghost, so that’s a little creepy.   Now one song I loved as a kid and I still think is super cool today is the below one.  I think by now you have recognized my love of T.Rex and I think I first got into them because they had a song with my name in it.

So on Day 21 of the 30 Day Music Challenge I give you Telegram Sam/T.Rex


No pop over to Facebook and tell me what song comes to mind for you (you don’t have to be as egotistical as me and choose your own name but your certainly can!)