Wow – Day 22 – We have almost made it to the end of our 30 Day Music Challenge.  Out of all the music challenge questions … I found this one the easiest.  Normally I ponder and think about different songs.  Sometimes I struggle coming up with one song, sometimes I come up with so many that I can’t decided which one to go with.  But tonight’s question only had one answer for me so it was super easy.   This song has been my ‘pick-me-up’ song for a long time.  Whenever I need a little confidence or encouragement this is the song for me.  I don’t think I have to explain why, it is an obviously motivating song. There are other motivating songs but this is the one for me.     Oh I just realized I haven’t actually told you question yet … 30 Day Music Challenge – Day 22 question is … A song that moves you forward…

This totally empowering song shows Freddie feeling unstoppable: “floating around in ecstasy,” “like a tiger defying the laws of gravity,” and “traveling at the speed of light.”  I love the way it starts out with the piano, has  Queen’s trademark multitrack harmony vocals for the chorus and totally builds up as it moves on.  Such a fab song (the BBC car show Top Gear voted this song ‘Best Driving Song Ever’).

So on Day 22 I give you the legendary Queen with Don’t Stop Me Now.

Maybe this isn’t the song to motivate you though … so swing over to Facebook and tell me which song moves YOU forward.