After a couple days of eazy-peazy Music Challenge questions…. this one gave me a bit of a conundrum.   Trying to come up with a song that I think everyone should listen to … was tricky.   To start with I could give you a whole long list of artists I think you should be listening to.  (The Jam, Elvis Costello, XTC, Happy Mondays, The Housemartins, etc….)  but to find just one of their songs would be a challenge …

So then I switched gears and thought about amazing songs.  Songs that were powerful and everyone should hear and the thing is … those kind of songs everyone has heard because they are powerful.   There are songs that I think are amazing but I understand that is just me and I wouldn’t necessarily force everyone to listen to a song that I think is amazing because that is just one opinion.

So I am going to take a liberty with tonight’s question and use this opportunity to honor an artist we lost earlier in the week.   Mark Hollis, the frontman for the British band Talk Talk died at the age of 62.   Over here in America Talk Talk are best known for the song It’s My Life which was later covered by Gwen Stefani’s band No Doubt.  That is a great song but really doesn’t define what a great band Talk Talk were or what an amazing frontman Mark Hollis was.   So I think tonight as we mourn the loss of a great musician … on day 23 of the 30 Day Music Challenge … A song that I think everyone should listen to … is Talk Talk/Talk Talk.

Now hop over to Facebook and tell me a song that you think everyone should listen to … it will be interesting to see what you come up with.