So yesterday’s 30 Day Music Challenge question came with a couple restrictions that had a couple of you rather frustrated.   (sorry)  Essentially it was about bands you would like to see get back together… however I said that you could only choose bands that actually could get back together (which eliminated any band with a member who passed away)…. So on day 25 our question kind of relates to that in a way.   Tonight’s question is ….  A song by an artist no longer living.

Sadly there are so many amazing artists to choose from … some from the way past who lived to a good age and others who we lost far too soon.  There are iconic artists … Bowie, Prince, Lennon, Petty…. I mean honestly how do you choose just one song… Actually you really can’t it’s too impossible.   I miss them all and I would want to choose them all.  So here is what I did….

On Christmas Day 2016 I was in England with my family.  We had a lovely Christmas full of laughter and stories.  We had an amazing meal cooked by my cousin and the bubbly was flowing.   We always play loads of games at Christmas and after a fab round of charades we ended up having an impromptu dance circle.   I can remember vividly dancing to the Spice Girls and then realizing I needed the loo.   (This many seem like TMI but the moment is etched in my memory).  I opened the bathroom door when I was finished and my husband was standing there and in a very shocked voice he said “George Michael is dead”.   He knew my love of George and how loyal a fan I had been over the years and it really felt like a punch in the gut.  I then went into the living room and ruined the dance circle by telling the rest of my family.   I think because it was such a shock and because it was Christmas Day … it will always stay with me as a vivid memory.   So that is a very long story as to why I went with George Michael on this challenge.   However I did find a way to cheat because how could I not honor the amazing Freddie Mercury as well … particularly with my obsession with the movie Bohemian Rhapsody.  So I cheated … Here is a song by one of my favorite artists who is no longer with us singing a song by one of my favorite artists who is no longer with us.

On a side note … this is an incredibly powerful performance by George and there is a very emotional reason for that .  Obviously George was honoring Freddie who we had lost to AIDS but at the same time that George was singing this, his own partner Anselmo Feleppa, who he loved dearly was fighting and losing the battle against AIDS himself.   Watching the clip you can see that George pours everything into that performance.

So now it’s your turn … such an impossible challenge … how do you choose just one … but have a go (and feel free to cheat like I did!)