Day 3 – A song that reminds you of Summertime (boy do we need this one today!)

As we all know, music is a powerful force and just a few notes can remind us of places and moments and yes even seasons.  There is a lot of music that came out of the sixties that was all about surfing and sunshine and the beach and made you think of driving down the highway in a convertible with the top down.   There are songs that talk about the sun … Good day Sunshine, Steal My Sunshine, Pocket Full of Sunshine and of course there is that great summer groove DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince’s Summertime.  (the first lyrics … Drums Please… just makes me want pour a fun beverage and sit outside.)   Alice Cooper’s School’s Out is a great summer kick off tune but I didn’t go with that one.  I went with someone who is coming to our area not once but twice this year and gave us a great summer song in my opinion.

So here you go … Day 3 – A song that reminds me of summertime…

See below for details to Billy’s upcoming concert and don’t forget Nick is giving away a pair of tickets tomorrow on the midday show!