So up until today … we have had an easy ride on the 30 Day Music Challenge.  Colors, numbers, seasons all very easy and fluffy.  However today our challenge has been turned up a notch.  You are going to have to think a bit deeply for this one (which lets face it doing any kind of thinking on a Friday is a challenge!)  So here we go … Day 4 ….A song that reminds you of someone you would rather forget about.

Woah … that’s deep.  Here’s the thing, at my age if I want to forget about someone … I probably already have.   Also I am old enough to look back on the heartbreaks of my youth and grin, so I had to think a little outside the box and then it suddenly came to me…. Most embarrassing moment  I ever had on the radio and the song I associate with it.

Okay … this goes back to the mid nineties when I was working at an alternative rock station.  A band called Toad the Wet Sprocket came by.  50% of the band were really nice and the interview was a lot of fun.  The other 50% of the band … just weren’t into it and acted rather aloof.  Anyhoo… the interview went wellish and then they were going to play in the studio.  My boss only wanted them to play one song but they wanted to play two and I was kind of caught in the middle.  Now today I would have been like “Dudes you can only play one track…sorry that is how it goes.”  However back then I didn’t have the confidence to do that.  So after they finished their first song, I cut their mic’s played our station ID and went into a song.   They were not happy with me… they literally stood there looking at me with their mouths open.  So that was bad enough but it got worse…. As I was driving home that day they were on the afternoon show at another station (Partridge Family Alumni Danny Bonaduce to be precise) I just happen to catch the bit of the interview when they talked about how awful the DJ was who had cut them off.  Danny knew me and was trying to defend me a little but they were going for the jugular.     So literally for the last twenty years whenever I hear this song, I get a chill and feel my face reddening with embarrassment.

So 30 Day Music Challenge – Day 4  … A song that reminds you of someone you rather forget about … I give you Toad the Wet Sprocket…

This is a hard one … but have a go over on our Facebook page … see what you come up with.