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30 Day Music Challenge – Day 8

So here we are on Day 8 of the 30 Day Music  challenge and this question albeit a little more sinister than some of the other questions, is definitely still a good one.  So here we go lets get straight to it.   Day 8 is ….   A song about drugs or alcohol.

What I like about this question is that although a lot of songs were written while under the influence of drugs and alcohol, it isn’t always easy to recognize when a song is actually written about drugs.  I mean there are obvious ones… Eric Clapton’s Cocaine or UB40’s Red Red Wine but there are plenty of songs that aren’t quite so obvious … Fleetwood Mac’s Gold Dust Woman,  U2’s Bad and Dead Flowers by the Stones.  Now the Beatles have a lot of songs about their hippy dippy experiences with LSD but did you know that Got to Get You Into My Life was about Pot.  They wrote it when they were first introduced to the drug.

Let’s not forget about Third eye blind and their hit Semi Charmed Life which is not about a princess living a charmed life but actually about crystal meth.  (Oh and don’t forget you can win tickets tomorrow morning with Scott and Danielle )

So I almost went with Amy Winehouse Rehab but just felt that song is a little sad as we lost Amy so I went for a peppier song that always gets me dancing despite it’s subject.

So here we go – Day 8 of the 30 Day Music challenge … I give you The Ramones …

Now it’s your turn … swing over to Facebook and tell me what song about drugs and alcohol is your personal fav.

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