So yesterday was a bit dark with the song about drugs and alcohol but boy did you guys have some great suggestion.  I guess musicians like to write about things they know about so there were a lot of songs to choose from.  We are lightening the mood a bit today (and boy do we need to lighten the mood with the week we have had weather wise!)

Tonight’s 30 Day Music Challenge – Day 9 question is …. A song that makes you happy.  This can be a really personal thing because what makes one person happy may depress someone else.  Of course there are some stereotypical happy songs … such as the song Happy by Pharell Williams but music touches our emotions in such a unique way that sometimes a surprising song can really make us smile.

Now at first, my thoughts turned to the eighties and there were some obvious choices – Katrina and the Waves – Walking on Sunshine, Prince’s Let’s Go Crazy,  Cyndie Lauper’s – Girls Just want to Have Fun.   I tried to think outside the box and could only come up with Eric Idle’s – Always look on the Bright Side of Life.  But then I decided I wanted to be less about happy songs and more about songs that make me happy.  Stevie Nicks makes me happy but she’s an artist not a song.  So I was literally scrolling through one of my workout playlists and I came across this favorite of mine.  Surprisingly not from the eighties but from 1977.   It’s a little disco and you may have heard it while you were roller skating as a kid. It’s not my usual genre of favorite tunes but there is something about the groove that just improves my mood and I guess I like the lyrics … “Doesn’t take much to make me happy …” that is kinda true for me…  So I decided to mix it up and go with The Emotions – Best of My Love for Day 9 of the 30 day Music Challenge.

So go and spread the joy on Facebook and let me know what songs truly make you happy.