313 New Words Added to Dictionary.Com…here are 10 of them

Dictionary.com just added 313 new words and terms, including a bunch of slang terms you might not be familiar with.  That includes two new terms that involve CAKE.

We went through the list.  Here are a few of the more interesting ones . . .

1.  Cakeage.  A fee charged by a restaurant for bringing your own cake.  So like a “corkage” fee for wine, but with cake instead.

2.  Cakeism.  It comes from the term “have your cake and eat it too.”  It’s “the false belief that one can enjoy the benefits of two choices that are in fact mutually exclusive, or have it both ways.”

3.  Digital nomad.  A person who works remotely while traveling for leisure, especially when having no fixed, permanent address.

4.  Nearlywed.  A person who lives with someone in a life partnership, sometimes engaged with no planned wedding date.

5.  Hellscape.  A place or time that is hopeless, unbearable, or irredeemable.

6.  Northpaw.  An athlete who is right-handed, like a pitcher or boxer.

7.  Rage farming.  Provoking people by posting inflammatory political stuff on social media, hoping to get angry responses and go viral.

8.  Cyberflashing.  Sending pictures of your junk to strangers online, or by Airdropping them.

9.  Cli-fi.  Short for “climate fiction.”  It’s any sort of sci-fi where climate change is a major part of the story.

10.  Petfluencer.  A person who gains a large following on social media by posting entertaining images or videos of their pet.