34% of Graduates Have No Idea What They’re Going to Do with Their Life…Did You?

I was one of the lucky ones…I wanted to be a radio DJ as long as I can remember.  It doesn’t always work that way, for instance; My Son is thinking about Finance.  I think he wants to work the Market, trading?  But the average person changes their Major in College three times.  How about your Graduate?  Where are they at?

Have you been strong-armed into going to any graduation parties yet?  If so, you may have brought a gift . . . maybe a card, and some cash . . . but what some graduates need is . . . DIRECTION.

In a new poll, 34% of graduates say they have no idea what they’re going to do for their career.  That includes both high school AND college graduates.  And 41% say they don’t have a job lined up yet.

62% of graduates say they’d be interested in attending college . . . and again, that includes college “graduates” who already have a degree.  (Technically, that might include people who previously planned to continue their schooling, whether it’s an advanced degree or something different.)

But it sounds like we could do a better job preparing kids to do . . . something . . .

70% of students say colleges have a responsibility to prepare them for the challenges in settling into a career . . . and 69% of people who attended college said they’d be interested in SWITCHING to a field that’s unrelated to the one they originally wanted to pursue.