So yesterday I was fortunate enough to go see Hamilton the Exhibition.   I really didn’t know what to expect but I should have realized that Hamilton the Exhibition wouldn’t be like any other exhibition I had seen because Hamilton the Musical was unlike any other musical I had seen … so my hubby works in the museum industry and walking around any museum exhibition with him is interesting.   He sees things that I don’t all the time.  I am usually taking in the overall exhibition and he is noticing all the details.   Our friends asked us to comment on Facebook about what we  thought of the exhibition … here is both our takes…

Me – It was really good… loved how they separated fact from fiction in the musical.

My hubby – I liked it, I could tell he had really talented “theater” set designers involved as the galleries, vignettes and spaces where extremely well done. There were kinetic sculptures and electro-mechanical scenic elements. The audio tour had a few glitchy moments, but the proximity presentations were spot-on. I liked that they had little signs all over informing you where they took “liberties” with the story for the musical. A few real artifacts, but the story and the spectacle were very impressive. I especially liked the digital map battle presentation of the battle of Yorktown with dimensional moving over-sized “game pieces” – quite an effective presentation. It’s quite a building for a “Pop-up” museum. Worth the trip.

I think you can tell which one of us works in a museum- ha ha!

So anyway … I highly recommend going to see the exhibit and enjoy the below video from their website telling you a little bit more about this limited engagement pop up exhibition.