5 Kids! What Was I Thinkin’?

5 kids! What was I thinkin’? I mean I know what I was thinkin’, but what was I thinkin’!! OK I will admit they’ve all contributed to a mountain of great memories, life and experiences and I love em all. My two daughters have given me 6 grand children, are amazing mothers and amazing women and I have so many memories of the boys and sports and other stuff. They don’t archive all those police blotters do they? Asking for a friend!!  Sadly we lost my youngest son Spencer five and a half years ago to a prescription drug overdose. Devastating! Miss him every day!! We all do! That hole never gets filled!! But I guess I’m taking this time to rave out about my kids because my son Mitchell turns 30 today. How can that be? I’m not old enough….well maybe I am….I swear I can remember the day he was born like it was yesterday. Up all night at the hospital coaching after playing golf that day and having a bottle of wine with dinner and then trying to keep it together. I’m the one who needed a doctor at that point!, but we all made it!! I played The Police “Every Breath You Take” for him the next morning when I got back on the air and I think of that day every time I hear that song. He’s grown into an amazing young man (not so young now huh!) and moved to LA in February. new town, new job, new deal and he’s taken it all by storm. Very proud. So 5 kids! What was I thinkin’….big smiles and lots of love I guess! I am blessed!! Happy Birthday Mitchell!!