Picture this: a 30,000 square foot space filled with half a million balloons artistically formed into different whimsical scenes! I suppose you don’t have to picture it…you can see it right now!

It happened last weekend at a Hyatt in Orlando to benefit the organization Give Kids the World, which provides free vacations to terminally ill kids and their families to popular attractions in central Florida (Disney, Epcot, Sea World, etc).

Give Kids the World runs their own resort called The Village, which is made up of different areas and venues. Replicas of those areas were created with BALLOONS inside that conference room at the Hyatt…and it is STUNNING!

Over 400 balloon artists from around the world designed and constructed these air-filled masterpieces dubbed Balloon Wonderland.

GKTW families got the first look, but for $20, the general public was invited to walk through as well. All the money raised went back to GKTW and the families they support.