What Are You Eating for The Big Game?

Hi it’s Leslie Harris, and I hear there’s a big football game tomorrow. Are you going to a party? Are you having one? Of course food is always a big part of this day, and I was a little surprised to see a list of most popular foods, state-by-state.

Some surprises for me included Lobster dip in Washington State, blue cheese dip in Arkansas, Irish stew in Iowa, and… Cocktail weenies in several States including North Dakota, Nebraska, Michigan, Indiana and Colorado!

Folks in California, Nevada, Utah, Arizona and Florida love their Buffalo Chicken Dip. (me too!)

So what is the number one Big Game Day food for Illinois? We share it with Texas, Massachusetts, Rhode Island and the Carolinas. Our most favorite Super Bowl food is…Seven layer dip! By the way, Hot wings only made the cut in Wyoming!

What kind of food will you be serving or bringing to your party tomorrow? Let me know in the comments

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