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It’s Times Like These…

The phone rang at 5:27 Wednesday morning.

This is Leslie Harris, and that’s when I found out that my mom had passed away.

Mom was a vivacious and energetic woman. She raise four daughters, worked for TWA for 25 years, traveled the world, played tennis well into her 80s, and volunteered at her local nature center well into her 90s.

She moved from Florida into assisted living last July, just a couple of miles from my home. There, she signed up for every class, lecture, and outing.

Unfortunately, she became ill in January, and her health rapidly declined. The last couple of months she has been bedridden. She REALLY hated that. On top of it all, I haven’t been able to visit her in about a month due to quarantine. She is absolutely in a better place, but I’m just so sad that I can’t ever call her, and won’t ever get to hug her again.

You might wonder why I came to work Wednesday night, Thursday night and this evening. Well, due to the quarantine, we can’t even have a service for her yet. My family is scattered all over the country, so we will have a wonderful celebration of her life once the quarantine is over. So I told Danielle (who is also our boss) that I would rather keep busy for now.

If you have people living with you, and you start to get in each other’s nerves, please remember that it would be much harder if you couldn’t see each other during this difficult time.

And if your mom is still around, next time you see her, please give her a hug from me.

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