70% of People Have Pretended to Like a Meal to Avoid Hurting Someone’s Feelings

Are you guilty of pretending to like a meal someone cooked for you and promised yourself you would next eat it again.  I’m guilty of it and the survey says, I am not alone!

In a new poll, 70% of people admit that they have pretended to enjoy meals to avoid hurting someone’s feelings.

Which CAN be a nice move in certain situations, but if it’s a family member or close friend be careful with that . . . because if they think that you loved it, they may make it for you more frequently.

Here are FIVE other stats from the poll:

1.  64% of people say food is their “love language.”

2.  48% of people say they like to show their loved ones they care by surprising them with their favorite foods.

3.  More than half of people say they have cooked someone a meal to say, “I love you” . . . to console them . . . or to express thanks.

4.  The “most romantic foods” to share with a partner are:  Cookies . . . ice cream or milkshakes . . . and pizza.

5.  72% say they’re usually honest about their partner’s cooking skills . . . and speaking of honesty, only 53% of people in relationships rated their partner’s cooking skills as “excellent” or even “good.”