77% of Americans Have FOMO about the Latest Food Trends?

People experience FOMO about a lot of things:  Travel, job opportunities, social gatherings, local events, and not being Amish.

In a new poll, 77% of Americans on social media say they have had a fear of missing out on the latest FOOD TRENDS.

It sounds like that includes both the IMPRESSIVE stuff people make and post photos of . . . like your sister-in-law making omelets without them falling apart . . . to the dumb TikTok trends . . . like putting ketchup on pancakes or something.

Among people who admit to having FOOD FOMO, 57% have attempted to make the food at home themselves . . . and they average trying FOUR recipes a month that they’ve seen online.

But keep in mind, social media isn’t always what it seems.  73% of people admitted to spending extra time “preparing their meals just to make them more picturesque for social media.”