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A Bride & Groom are lookinig for nude servers for their Wedding!

If I could work behind the bar, I might go for this, but walking around with a tray of appetizers, nude?!?  I see too many jokes there.  Don’t need small appetizer joke tossed at me!  See the rest of the story below.

Vice magazine claims a couple from Berkshire, England is planning to marry in the nude in October. They can’t find servers to work their all-nude wedding. The couple, who wishes to remain anonymous, is paying nearly $40 an hour for four servers and two bartenders.

The groom tells the magazine, “To say finding staff who are happy to work naked has been tough is an understatement, we’ve been let down by three sets of people so far, with the last ones initially agreeing and then as the day nears pulling out at the last minute,” the almost-groom wrote. “It’s an incredibly stressful situation when all we want is for our wedding be 100% authentic.”

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