Everything seems so uncertain now. We’re very concerned about our health, our jobs, and the future. While concern is good, fear and panic are not.

These are troubled times, but this pandemic would have been far more devastating 50 years ago. Since then, tremendous advances have been made in medicine and healthcare.

The technology we now have at our fingertips was only science fiction back then. Just imagine trying to work from home in 1970.

There was no internet, personal computers, or cell phones. Communication via email, fax or text was unknown.

Only a few TV channels were available, and there were no VCR’s to record your favorite programs.

Taking photographs required a camera with film, which had to be developed and returned to you several days later.

Heating food required a stove, oven or grill. Microwave ovens were not yet common in our kitchens.

Although FM radio was growing fast, most music was still heard on AM stations.

Fifty years ago today, this was the number one song in America. Simon & Garfunkel’s Bridge Over Troubled Water went on to win six Grammy Awards.