If you’re waiting on a Porsche to arrive from Germany, you might have to wait, because a cargo ship carrying up to 4,000 cars is adrift in the Atlantic Ocean.  And it doesn’t have anything to do with jammed ports.

On Wednesday, a FIRE broke out onboard a ship enroute to Rhode Island dubbed the Felicity Ace. It was serious enough that the Portuguese armed forces rescued all 22 crew members.  Some of them were picked up from lifeboats by an oil tanker, then airlifted off in a helicopter by the Portuguese Navy!

The cargo ship, which is called “The Felicity Ace,” is now abandoned, and is just floating aimlessly through the Atlantic . . . while still ON FIRE.

A spokesperson for Porsche says it’s unclear what happened . . . what the “next steps” are . . . and what the status of the cars onboard is.  Although from the photos, it doesn’t look good.


Many of the Porsches in the shipment were special orders that customers have been waiting to receive.  TheDrive.com says there were also 189 Bentleys on the ship, along with Audis and possibly some Lamborghinis.