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A Chart Suggesting Exactly When Your Kids Should Go to Bed

While I don’t have kids, I’m around enough parents to know that heading back to school after a break can be a struggle if they don’t keep their kids on a similar sleeping schedule.

A bedtime chart has gone viral that bases bedtime off of your child’s age and it lets parents know what time you should put your kids to sleep so they get enough rest for the next day. A lot of parents are surprised at how early the times are!

By the way, doctors recommend that children ages 3-6 need about 10-12 hours of sleep each day. And 7-12-year-olds need 10-11 hours. Experts say that not getting enough sleep can lead to weight gain as well as impacting their general physical, emotional and social health.

The chart seems to be pretty on track with the bedtime that my sister uses for my niece and nephew (who are 9 and 5 and usually wake up sometime in the 7a hour).

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Danielle Tufano

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