A Christmas Story About Cats

Hi this is Leslie Harris. Meowy Catmas!

As you may know I am a crazy cat lady and proud of it. I have cats of my own, I help transport cats (and dogs) from high kill shelters to rescue agencies, and I also foster cats. And, they are part of the Christmas story. (pictured are my own cats, Oliver and Tonks)
The legend goes like this. It was Christmas night, and it was cold. Baby Jesus was crying unconsolibly. Mary tried feeding him, rocking him, wrapping him in more blankets, but nothing would seem to bring comfort to him. Mary even asked the animals to gather around him for extra warmth, but to no avail.
A little cat jumped up onto the crying baby, curled up and started purring a lullaby into his ear. Baby Jesus stopped crying, and fell into a deep, peaceful sleep.
Mary was so grateful that she marked the little cat with an M on its forehead, and to this day, all tabby (or striped) cats have an M on their forehead.
May you have a peaceful night.