A Different Approach to Thanksgiving

Hi this is Leslie Harris. A couple of my family members really like cooking with cast iron pans. I don’t get it, and I asked my oldest kiddo and the answer I got was, ” vibes.”

I really dislike cooking in cast iron. I don’t find it to be non-stick, and the pans are heavy, hard to wrangle, and tedious to clean and re-season.
A couple of years ago, I met a couple that loves to go camping, and while they’re camping, they love to cook with cast iron. I did think it was pretty fascinating that they made cornbread by putting the batter in a cast iron pan and then covering it, putting three coals on the cover and 45 minutes later, we had cornbread. This couple enjoys cast iron cooking so much that they have two complete sets of cast iron pots and pans, one for camping, and one for cooking in their backyard at home.
There is a class on Sunday called Cast iron cooking: Thanksgiving. This class teaches you to cook your Thanksgiving meal over an open campfire using cast iron, and it’s taking place at Churchill woods in Lombard.
The class might be fun, but I can’t imagine actually cooking Thanksgiving dinner this way. Can you?
Are you a fan of cast iron cooking? If so, why? Let me know in the Facebook comments.