A Different Unscientific Poll Question – Some Would Say That’s A “Mindcrime”

Happy Saturday Afternoon it’s Chris Miles ! It’s been awhile since I’ve been here and I’ve missed y’all.

In my time away I have been thinking about great questions to ask in my Unscientific Polls and getting my son ready for college (yeah it still hasn’t sunk in that I have an adult child yet. Does it ever?) I hope you’ve had the chance to get out and hangout with friends and family. It is one of the things I have missed during all of this. There really is something to be said about a face to face meet up isn’t there?

Anyways, here’s today’s Unscientific Poll question. It’s a write in so no need to click on anything. Just let me know in the comment section  below what your answer is.


What rock album can you listen to in its entirety?

For me it would be “Operation: Mindcrime” from Queensrÿche.


Enjoy the rest of your weekend!