Good Afternoon! This is Laura Vaughn from The Weekend River in for Mitch Michaels this afternoon.

Imagine this. Your friend is taking care of your dog while you host a wedding at your house. Happens every year, right? No seriously. Then your dog jumps the fence and is gone for 8 months. Not only was your dog missing for that long, he turns up 175 miles away.

His name is Kaiser and he is a 5-year-old king shepherd. His family in Massachusetts was dumbfounded when Kaiser jumped a 6 foot fence and was found more than half a year later in another city. The family suspects that Kaiser could’ve have walked the 175 miles, or maybe someone picked him up. Only Kaiser knows and he’s not telling anyone.

Disclaimer: The dog in the photos is my dog Maisie. She has’t had a long escape adventure yet.