A Good Neighbor Is Worth His Weight In Gold Or At Least In Wet Snow!!

So this is a tale of snow and whoa, but it has a nice ending and a good feel to it. I always clear my driveway because it is sort of long but it slopes down to the street and can be a bit tricky if slippery. The bottom from the sidewalk to the street is very steep (almost like a ski jump) and can be a real pain. I have a terrific Toro snowblower that does very good work. Yesterday, however, after working out I experienced pain in my left hip and glute and it was quite a discomfort. Didn’t sleep well last night because of it and was in a quandary today because I needed to get my driveway cleared. I was having difficultly walking and so I called around to see if I could get a local service to plow it. Fuller’s told me probably not until tomorrow and it would cost $275. Yeah you heard me $275! My driveway just ain’t that long! So after another couple of calls I realized I was gonna have to suck it up and do it myself. Got dressed and headed out and my neighbor Eric was out working on his driveway and asked me if I needed some help. I told him my story and he says “No worries. I got this. I’ll do it for ya”. He did and it as quite a job and the beauty of it is that his snow blower wouldn’t go through the heavy, wet snow so when he was done with mine he used it on his driveway. We see so much division and attitude in the world today, but there are so many really good people out there. Forget politics we’re all just people trying to get along a day at a time. Eric is easily 30 years my junior and he and his wife Sara are the epitome of good neighbors and I have turned him into a listener. So I want to say thank you Eric for being such a great help and a really good neighbor.