A Guy Has Picked the Wrong Super Bowl Winner 16 Straight Times…Here’s His Pick for Sunday!

There are plenty of ways to make your Super Bowl pick, but this one seems almost infallible:

There’s a user on Reddit called im_THIS_guy, who claims that he’s chosen the wrong team for the last 16 years straight.  So it might be a good strategy to find out who he’s picking, and go with the OTHER TEAM.

Well, this year, he’s putting his money on the Kansas City Chiefs! He says, quote, “Don’t overthink this.  The better team will win.  The Chiefs are an absolute machine in the playoffs.  I’ve bet against them twice in the Super Bowl in the past and, to quote The Who, I won’t get fooled again.”

The San Francisco 49ers are slight favorites, and if this guy’s record is any indication, they’ll be enjoying themselves Sunday night!

Bet wisely, my friends!

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