This is the craziest local story I’ve heard in a long time!

A guy named Adam Wirtz climbed to the top of the soon-to-be Will County Courthouse (it’s still under construction), and leaped off with his parachute! I’m assuming he was unscathed since he was promptly arrested.

How didn’t we know about this earlier?! Probably because the jump happened at 1:20 in the morning back on February 22nd. Here’s the news story from the Patch.

There’s so much that I need to know!!!!

Why did he do it?

Why the court house?

He’s an attorney, so he had to know it was illegal, right?

Is there a video?! (You don’t do something like this in 2019 and not have the camera rolling!)

If you know Adam, please have him contact me! Email at [email protected]. I need to interview him!!! Please!